This blog is mainly about photography , but fishing and wine may make an appearance every now and again. I shoot a variety of different subjects, a lot of black and white family portraits, but I got into photography because I love it and have managed to maintain the love, while making it my business, so I have the best of both worlds! 20 years ago we chose to move to Tasmania, the beautiful Island State where the weather is just right for me and scenery is a landscape photographers dream.I love to travel, so some of the images will be from the rest of the world, but without doubt, one of the best things about traveling the world is that first lungful of fresh air as you step off the plane back in Tassie. Those of you who live in Tasmania will know what I mean! the rest of you should really come and visit. Hope you like the images on this blog, feel free to ask a question, make a comment, and generally let me know what you want to see. Let's talk!

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Double Smoked Pork Hock with quince and orange sauce


Serves 2


1 large smoked pork hock approx 1kg250ml White Rock Dornfelder wine750 ml chicken stock (refer recipe pg 254)½ onion1 bay leaf8 peppercorns100g brown sugar1 tsp dry mustard6 cloves, ground½ cinnamon stick, ground50g butter

quince + orange sauce1 tbsp quince jelly1 orange, zest and juice½ lemon, zest and juice1 tsp whole grain mustard5ml red wine vinegara little stock

MethodIn a large pot, place the hock, wine, stock, onion, bay leaf and peppercorns.Simmer for 1½ hours.Pre heat oven to 180°C - 200°C.Once the hock is cooked, remove and save the stock for a soup at a later date.Mix brown sugar, dry mustard, cloves and cinnamon with the butter. Rub the spiced butter into the pork knuckle.quince + orange sauceMelt the quince jelly. Add the remainder of the ingredients. Reduce to a syrup.Add stock as required.Place hock on a rack over an oven tray and put in the preheated oven.Brush the pork with the sauce, regularly basting for 20-30 minutes.Rest in the oven, turned off, till service.

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Tasmanian Books

Ebooks and audio books might be fine for novels and books with lots of words in them ( not my type of book!) but nothing beats the feeling of settling down with a lavish book to lose yourself of an hour or two . The physical weight, the feel of the pages, and the vibrant colours that jump off the page are all elements that add to the delight. Because Vicki and I publish these books ourselves, with no outside interference or demands, we are free to make a book that is exactly what we are looking for in a coffee table book. First the subject needs to interest me - no problems there, each year we look at our list of possible topics for our next book, and decide what it is that we want to spend the next few months concentrating on. Because Vicki does the design and layout side of things, she is happy to go with whatever I am interested in photographing. The majority of my books deal with some combination of Tasmanian travel and adventure, food, and photography. So when people say “ you are so lucky to be able to do these things, and taste these dishes”, I always say that luck had nothing to do with it and that each book is the result of a culmination of a detailed and well executed plan. The fact that other people enjoy these things is where the luck lies. If I was interested in some niche that no one else was, perhaps I would not get the opportunity to keep making books the way I do. There have been books that don’t deal with Tasmanian food and adventure. My very first book was one on Africa that I did with my friend Alice Bennett. We were both going to be in Africa at around the same time of year so we decided to do “something” with the images when we got back. A book followed, and was the starting point for both of us to go one and publish a number of book each. We have also done a book about the fascinating architecture of Launceston. Having been an architect before giving it all up to run my studio, Vicki was very interested in this project, and even agreed to having her name printed on the front cover. What she didn’t realise was that she would then be required for press conferences, book signings and various other promotional activities relating to the book. That was the last time she put her name on a book, and now you need to look very closely at the fine print to find her credit. And she designs the books ( and because I am her husband ) I get no say in this at all! I have also done a book about some of the amazing cars that live in Launceston. Those who know me know that I am not a car person, and am in no position to have a conversation about overhead cam shafts or grease nipples. I do however see the beauty that these machines possess, and enjoy photographing their sleek lines. Priced at $50 these books make a great gift , either for your self or for someone else. Food, travel, adventure, cars, architecture, and of course photography, there is something for everyone. We have a number of businesses who use our books as corporate gifts, and the one thing that all these books have in common is that they promote Tasmania and all the wonderful things that we have to offer here 
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Photographs in your home


I understand when people say they don’t want to put a big picture of themselves up in their home. When you drill down a bit , most of the time they are talking about a close up picture of their smiling faces looking at the camera. So it is nice to be able to shoot a landscape picture in which they are just a small element  of the whole scene.  By using light and dark, and by using selective focus, it is still possible to make a portrait about these two people without it being too in your face. Because I deal with photographs every day in my working life, we tend to have paintings and sculptures around the house. There are only 3 places where we have actual photographs: each of the girls has a gallery of images taken over the years in the hallway out side of their old bedrooms, and in our family room we have a gallery of acrylic blocks with pictures of our extended families. We also have archive boxes that hold some of my Award winning images which we can bring out if we want to look at them but they are not on display. This image was taken quite a while ago. Since then I have photographed their wedding and family portraits, and now Sam shoots their family portraits every year. It is always so nice to have our families come back to the studio year after year so that we get to celebrate with them as they pass various milestones, and as their family grows. Thanks to our Lifetime Studio Pass, anyone photographed by our studio automatically  has the $150 photography session fee waived on all future shoots, so it is just a matter of contacting us to organise a time and location for your shoot. It doesn’t matter how long ago we did your portraits, if you are a past client, you never have to pay for photography session fees again. Give us a call, we look forward to seeing you again soon.
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Then & Now Portraits


I first photographed Liz for a brochure for Rochcombe wines about 30 years ago and then again for a pre-wedding portrait back when we didn’t mind putting a red matt on a black and white photo! I also photographed her wedding, and it was so nice to see her album looked just as good as it did so many years ago. When we advertised about our Then and Now project Liz got in contact and we did a new shoot not that long ago. In the intervening decades between shoots, Liz has become a very fine taxidermist and it was so great to make a portrait of her amongst some of her handy work. It's not until you get up close to some of these antelope that you realise just how big they really are! and I can’t stop thinking about how I can incorporate a  full size warthog into picture somehow.

 Then and Now has been such a great project for me, getting to reconnect with clients from  throughout the 30 odd years that we have been running our studio in Launceston. The aim is to make a book with pictures, both old and new and I would love to hear from any past clients who would like to get involved. It doesn’t cost anything, we will even give you a $100 studio credit in case you would like to purchase images from the new shoot, but only if you want to. 
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Couples Portraits in City Park


Capturing the Essence of  a relationship is all about anticipating the  moment that  the elements will come together and capturing it  in a unique image that resonates deep within us.  An image can remind us of who we are , who our family is and why the bond is so strong. The fact that I get invited photograph peoples families is a very humbling thing for me and I take the responsibility and trust that these families have put in me and my skills very seriously.  and over the years I have worked hard to hone my skills to a point where I can now deal with just about anything.  You can’t rattle me, not even with preoccupied Dads , opinionated 2 year olds , or 6 month old labradors ( Although I would prefer that they don’t all happen at the same session! ) The secret for me, is to engage with each of my subjects on their terms, and to give them enough time and space for their real personality to shine through -I get told a lot that I am a patient man! On this shoot I had none of the above, just two people who were very much in love with each other and who wanted to celebrate their relationship with a piece of art for their wall. I believe that what we do is important, and the results of our work, the images, will grow in importance every year. In 2 years time, in 10 years time in 100 years time , the single moment captured will take on more and more meaning. It is therefore vital that the photographs we produce are made in such a way that they can stand the test of time, and that their archival integrity remains intact over time. In this age of selfies and snapchat, a beautifully shot, archival produced art print is a rare thing, but that’s okay , because the  true moments  that describe a relationship and which form the basis of memories are equally as rare to capture in a single image - its something I have been training for my whole life. 



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Black and white Photography

Black and white Photography

For years now I have been shooting all of my portraits in classical, elegant Black and White. This medium cuts through the camouflage of colour. In order to be successful as an photograph, an image needs to have good structure, good lighting, and great expression. My aim is to simplify the image into these base components. All too often, all colour does is confuse the issue, coming between the subject and the viewer.

Black & white images will fit into any decor, and tend not to date as quickly as colour ones as the trends and fashions change with the years.


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Photographing Families


Families are amazing things! They come in all shapes and sizes, and each has their very own set of dynamics which is totally unlike any other.One of the biggest challenges when trying to get a family portrait made with adult children is the sheer logistics of getting everyone in the same place at the same time.  Add to that, trying to coordinate what everyone is going to wear, and getting everyone to forget about the trials and tribulations of the day leading up to the shoot and an excitable staffy and your photographer needs to be on top of his game!For me that is the easy bit! It is so nice to see people who are still wound up from the stresses of work, and getting to the shoot on time start to relax as we chat about random stuff, and they realise that they are out in a beautiful park with nothing to do other than smile and be relaxed. My process is to photograph each person individually first so that we have a bit of one on one time. It lets me gauge how each person is going so that when we come to the group shot, I have a few “strings" that I can pull to get everyone relaxed and into the moment.Once I have a nice picture of the humans, I ask them to keep going with their great expressions, and spend a couple of moments just working with the dog. a short shape whistle or a low growl is usually enough to get them looking interested and alert, and on the rare occasions when it doesn’t all happen in the same frame,  we always have the option of using photoshop to merge a picture of the dog with the best one of the humans.

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Then & Now Family Portraits


Last time I photographed these guys it was just the adult children, Jarrod and Claire and Jack and Kate

I had photographed Jarrod and Claire’s wedding before that so it was great to see everyone again, and to meet the new additions to the family, name name name and name
Four children under 4 is always a good time, and it's all about timing and patience. You can’t ask a 2 year old to do anything they don’t want to do, however the good news is that they are easily distracted and impressionable so with a little perseverance you can normally get them into a happy place for pictures.
This picture is going up in Grandma’s house on a picture wall that is between the kitchen and lounge and where it will be seen by everyone who visits. The positive message that this gives the kids is immense.  We put on our walls the things that mean the most to us and that we want to see all the time. This is a message that will not be missed by the kids as they grow up.
Our Then and Now project has been a wonderful way to reconnect with so many of our past clients, if we have photographed you at any stage over the past 33 years get in contact and lets make some new pictures!
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When Should I Have Professional Photographs Taken? - Family

Family portraiture captures a moment in time. For your family now, and for generations to come. The images that we take now of you, your children, your family, will be looked at and treasured by your grandchildren, and their children. These images are the links that they will have to their origins and they will be so grateful that you took time to make these records, for you, and for them. Why not organise an extended family session, all the kids, the in-laws and the outlaws, the grand kids, cats and dogs. What a wonderful way to record your family with all the joy and enthusiasm that being a family brings. This is not normally a quiet peaceful session, rather it is more like a whirlwind that smashes its way through the day, but then, that’s what families are like - aren’t they? A great chance to make a number of the stages of life images in the one session, and to explore those special bonds that develop within families.

extended families

Why not organise an extended family session, all the kids, the in-laws and the outlaws, the grand kids, cats and dogs. What a wonderful way to record your family with all the joy and enthusiasm that being a family brings. This is not normally a quiet peaceful session, rather it is more like a whirlwind that smashes its way through the day, but then, that’s what families are like - aren’t they? A great chance to make a number of the stages of life images in the one session, and to explore those special bonds that develop within families.


They shed hair all over the carpet, they shake water all over you when they are wet, they drink from the toilet bowl even though you have given them perfectly good, clean water in their own personalised bowl ... but we wouldn’t be without them in our lives! Their biggest flaw is that they live their lives 7 times faster than we do. Capture all those endearing qualities in a series of images that show what it’s like to be a family that shares it’s home with a dog.


As our families grow up and add the next generations to the family tree, there are some narrow windows of opportunity to make images that will stand the test of time. Five generations of women is a rare family portrait that many families don’t get a chance to make. Unfortunately it is a lot harder to get five generations of men together. Even four generations is hard sometimes, and at any stage during the stages of life program that we have, we are always delighted to take time to capture a generations portrait.

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When Should I have Professional Photos Taken? - The Young Adult


Life has become so busy that very few photographs are being made at home anymore, especially if you discount the images being made for Facebook and other such web communities. This is the moment when they are perched ready to fly off into their own lives.

University or work is just around the corner, and it won’t be long before they are moving out. Whether it is just around the corner or to the other side of the country, now is the time to capture a family portrait and to stop time still, if only for just a moment.

16 years

All grown up and driving lessons just around the corner, at sixteen, the world is a fascinating place that is to be experienced and enjoyed.

Friend networks are important and what Mum and Dad want becomes less important! Again, getting them involved in the process is a great way to motivate the sixteen year old. They will definitely have an opinion about how the photography session should unfold, and how the images should look at the end. By now they have been exposed to a vast amount of imagery, and they have very definite views on what is good and what is not. It is through the portrait sessions that we do for this age group, that we manage to keep up to date with what is in and what is not.

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Artprints for EOFY


End of Financial Year is just about upon us and I have had a couple of businesses make contact to update the wall art around the office.

 Beautiful images on the walls at work makes for a pleasant and calming work environment, and we have a huge collection of images to choose from. Local Launceston images, Tasmania, or somewhere exotic  from around the world, we have something for everyone. The first step is to get an idea of where the images will be going up in the office, the amount of wall space they need to cover, and some idea of the type of images you would like to look at. From there, we will curate a selection of images, and using some very nifty software , we can show you the images, on your office walls , to size, so that you will have a very clear idea of how they will look up on the wall. There are a range of different materials  and framing options available, including traditionally matted and framed prints, acrylics, canvas and a super high gloss option, printed onto metal, that looks amazing with the right image. While the selection process and production can take a few weeks at this time of year, you can decide which Financial Year you want to bill this in, so whether you are using up budget from this year or taking advantage of the new budgets for next year, we can organise it so that you can start the next 12 months with a great  space to work in.  
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When Should I have Family Portraits Taken - Pre-teen


 The pre-teen years where busy schedules and growth spurts go hand it hand. The influence of friends is becoming more important and there is a growing sense of independence, however there is still times when hugs, kisses and praise from Mum or Dad is all that they want.

 10 years

One of the best stages of life! Everything seems to be going okay, they are at peace with the world and themselves. A good time to be doing environmental portraits at home or the farm, including their hobbies and interests and perhaps even their best mate. At this stage again, we will look at both sibling and family portraits as well as a range of individual studies which will add to the rich history of images that we have produced up to now.


12 years

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When Should I have Professional Photographs Taken? - Childhood


Both parents and children have to adjust to the influences of school, and it is a bitter sweet period for the parents as you realise that your child now has a part of their life in which you are not involved on a daily basis. They are learning new skills and wanting to use them, and it is much easier for us, as your photographer, to build a relationship and to capture those special expressions and moments.

At this stage, we ask the parents to take a step back so that the photographer has a chance to engage with the child in one on one conversation. Once this is happening, all those emotions and expressions are never far behind.


5 years

If you have been following our Stages of Life program, it has been two years since your last visit, and there have been many changes in your child. The very structure of their face is starting to change as the round baby face gives way to a more angular, grown up look. They will be losing their baby teeth soon, and their mature willing-to-please demeanour means that we can attempt one of our classical portrait studies. Less candid and printed onto our beautiful stretched canvas, this session echoes a tradition of portrait painting that goes back through the ages. Visit any of the great art galleries of the world and you will see a whole genre of portraits made at around this time in a person’s life. An artwork that will be enjoyed for many years to come and which will be handed down as part of the family history.

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When Should I have Profession Photographs taken? - The Toddler

This is the stage that parents remember most vividly - for both the good and the bad! Independence is the key motivating factor. They want to walk by themselves, feed themselves, and they want to chose their ownclothes, and nothing is going to stop them! Often this stage is complemented by the birth of another sibling into the family, and as the prospect of pre-school draws closer, you realise that your baby has turned into a toddler.

15 months to 18 months

Never far from Mum or Dad, and still a bit insecure about meeting new people, a toddler is into everything. The contents of Mum’s purse is never safe, and appears hat they have mastered all of the TV remotes - something that you still need to come to terms with yourself! No button is left unpushed and a computer keyboard is the ultimate prize. Switching between full bravado and snuggling clinginess, at this age, the relationship between Father and child has been cemented. Whether it is the rough and tumble of hugs and wrestles, or the giggles of playing private games, Dad’s strong arms are a placeof refuge and safety.

two years

Two candles on the cake and your toddler starts this stage mature, calm and co-ordinated. Their understanding of language has developed and they can let you know what they want. Rituals are starting to develop, and everything stops until you can find their favourite cup! Any old teddy bear won’t do and you better not leave it at a friends house or you will be doing a late night dash! Most of the time they want to please you and are starting to understand concepts like time and sharing - even if they aren’t that good at it just yet. They are full of emotion and expression, and they have an opinion which they are not afraid to share with you. Portraits in the park or at a favourite location, with parents, siblings, cats and dog are ideal at this age.


three years

This is the age of make-believe and roleplays and having photographs taken at this stage will be an adventure. It can be an unpredictable age, and it is important to come to the photography session with your mind open to the possibilities. A three year old’s version of how the day should progress can be very different to an adult’s, and it is important to relax into it so that you are ready to capitalise on the moments that are presented rather than being fixated on some pre-conceived outcome.

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When Should I have Professional Photographs Taken? - The First Year


the first year

In the first year, time seems to speed up and slow down all at the same time. Days roll into one amid late night feeds, day time sleeps, and an amazing number of nappy changes. Every day there are ground breaking moments: the first smile, the first sleeping through the night, first steps, words, and teeth. Let us capture these moments that are the initial stages of a journey of a lifetime.

Newborn to 4 months

Quiet moments just sitting and watching baby sleep, the delight in their eyes when they see your face, the amazing strength with which they can grasp you finger. Beautiful, quiet moments, captured in black and white, which will capture forever just how tiny this little person was. In years to come, you will look at these images and shake your head in amazement as you pick up size 13 basketball boots that are lying around on the bathroom floor.Capture the closeness and security they feel when being held by Mum and Dad and marvel at the contrasts in size and texture. This is a fleeting moment that is passed through all too quickly.

6 months to 9 months

It’s amazing what 6 months can do! No longer the snuggling, helpless baby, atthis age life is lived at full pace - with lots of naps!!Bright eyes and personality in spades, they have a full time job exploringthe world that surrounds them. Babies at this age don’t exist in the world bythemselves, and Mum or Dad are never far away. We like to show this in ourphotography, and sometimes parents are just represented, perhaps just aprotective arm or a helping hand. It is also the perfect opportunity to makesome beautiful, soft impressionistic portraits of Mum and baby together.

12 months

The first year has zipped by, and a cake with a singlecandle is the first of many more to come. A moving target full of energy and personality, with a clear idea of what they want, and when they want it! This is the perfect age for a candid environmental portrait in your home. This gives us the opportunity to make images that capture them in a time and place, and in years to come, where ever you end up living, these images with automatically transport you back to this special time.


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What Happens When I Book a Professional Portrait Session?


the portrait experience


Because Philip Kuruvita Photography is a small, personal and exclusive studio, right from the start you’ll be dealing directly with the people who will be photographing you. We believe this is essential. From your initial enquiry, whether it be by phone or email, you will be treated with dedication, warmth and respect. From the time you start your portrait experience you’ll be consulted at every step by Philip,Vicki or Sam who have over 30 years experience in running a successful photographic studio.


the portrait consultation

The first step in the process is a complimentary portrait consultation. You can sit down over a hot cup of coffee or a cool drink and Philip can share some ideas with you and help you plan your photography session. You will be able to discuss the different options and styles available, ideas on locations, what to wear, etc. He will also cover the range of products available, the pricing structure and our client-friendly payment plan so you will have all the information you need. Philip will then book an appointment for your photo session. Payment of the session fee is payable when booking.

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15 Summers to make family portraits with your kids 

When you think about it, we only have about 15 summers with our kids before they start to want to go off with their friends and create lives of their own.  while we want them to grow up and become independent,  we will look back on those years as a tight knit family with fondness and a touch of nostalgia. It certainly makes you realise that it is important to make the most of these special years and to capture some of the joy and laughter that you share. for many of you, time is nearly up, and as the kids start to think of jobs and university, time together as a family gets harder and harder to orgainse. As we enjoy the last days of this summer,  now is the time to organise that family portrait that you have been talking about for so long - I know this because a week wouldn’t go past without someone coming into our studio and saying that they have wanted to do this for so long, but with kids at school, before and after school sport and busy weekend, it has always been push down the list of things to do  The long warm evenings that we are having at the moment are perfect for portrait shoots after work, the light is great, and its nice to take a  bit of time to be together as a family. Soon the leaves will be falling off the trees and Tasmania is at it’s most beautiful. Stunning scenery, Autumn colours and the cooler weather makes for the perfect combination when it comes to family portraits, and once the kids have gone off to work or  uni for the year the house will still be filled with the warmth and laughter that you shared on that day
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Then & Now

32 years seems like a long time, but it has gone by in a flash! That's how long our studio at Upton Street has been open, and during those 32 years , we have photographed so many people in Launceston that we though it would great to go back through our archive and rephotograph some of our past clients.One of the joys of running a photography studio is that you get to record families as they grow. Over the years that we have been operating in Launceston so many families have passed through our doors, and we regularly get second and even third generation clients .Then and Now is a book project that matches current images with ones that we took. 10, 20 or even 30 years ago. We started before email was thing, so for the early years, we have some fax numbers on file, but they are of little use any more, so if you are a past client, or know some past clients, get in contact with us, we would love to say hi, and included you in this little piece of Launceston history.Weddings, commercial jobs, school leavers , family portraits or my Faces of Launceston project . If you have been in front of my camera at any stage during the last 30 years we would love to hear from you.The first step is to register your interest. If you can give us details of when you were last photographed, we will be able to find your old images, and we will then be in contact to organise a new shoot. There is no cost involved for the shoot, as past clients you never pay for session fees, and there is no obligation to buy any of the pictures , however if you are interested in seeing the images from your shoot, we will give you studio credit $100 to use towards updated images for your home.We need a minimum of 40 participants to create a stand alone book, and we are investigating the options for creating personalised dust jackets so that your family can be in the cover of the book . if for some reason, there is not enough interest, the images will still be included in our annual studio book.I am really looking forward to re-engaging with our past clients and seeing how their families have changed.
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When is the best time to have family portraits done? episode 3


Childhood is a very loose term!  Anywhere from 4 years of age through to driving lessons!

 This is when life gets busy and having regular portraits sessions is at its most difficult. This is why we offer a system where we can contact you at set intervals just to remind you that another year ( or two) has passed since we last made pictures. By now there is often other children on the scene, and if you thought having one child was time-consuming…Both parents and children have to adjust to the influences of school, and it is a bitter sweet period for  the parents as you realise that while you used to know absolute everyone about your child’s life,  your child now has a part of their life in which you are not involved. They are learing new skills and wanting to use them, and it is much easier for your photographer to build a relationship and to capture those special expressions and moments. At this stage, we ask the parents to take a step back so that the photographer has a chance to engage with the child in one on one conversation. Once this is happening,  all those emotions and expressions are never far behind. Five years if you have been following our Stages of Life program, it has been two years since your last visit, and there have been many changes. The very structure of their face is starting to change as the round baby face  gives way to a more angular, grown up look. They will be losing their baby teeth soon, and their mature, "willing to please" demeanour means that we can attempt one of our classical portrait studies. Less candid and printed onto our beautiful stretched canvas, this session echos a tradition of portrait painting that goes back through the ages. Visit any of the great art galleries of the world and  you will see a whole genre of portraits  made at around this time in a person’s life. An artwork that will be enjoyed for many years to come and which will be handed down as part of the family history.Seven years  Bridging the gap between childhood and  the next stage  of life -youth,  this is a sensitive age where strong bonds are formed with siblings . A relationship portrait that explores these emotions will provide a range of great images, of the individual children and of their relationships with each other . This can be done in the studio, at home or in the parks and gardens around the city. Any hobbies or passions such as music or sport can also be included.  It is also a good time to create an up to date family portrait
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Dawn at Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park in Utah.

Dawn at  Mesa Arch  in Canyonlands National Park in Utah. The arch is an amazing natural stone arch perched at the edge of a cliff with vast views of the spectacular landscape in the distance. The hardest part about trying to photograph scenery like this is the sheer vastness of the image. The view goes on and on, and trying to make sense of all the elements is quite a challenge. I was travelling with my friend and fellow photographer  Peter Eastway having both been speakers at the Wedding Portrait Photographers International conference in Las Vegas.  We arrived in the dark, the carpark being about 1 km away and set up waiting for the first light the break over the horizon. Never having been there before, we only had our calculations to work out where we were expecting the sun to rise, and set up our cameras using our best guess. As we would be photographing directly into the rising sun, I knew that the window of opportunity to get a decent shot would be very narrow, and that as soon as the sun was fully up over the horizon, the scene would be rendered flat and uninteresting. Our only chance would be to capture the image at the very start of the sunrise. It is nice when you think about a shot before hand, make a plan, and everything works out pretty much the way you thought it would. The light was great, and lit up the landscape to highlight the mountains, and rock structures in the distance, and brought out the texture on the canyon floor. The light hitting the underside of the arch and the rocks below it caused the whole structure to glow and I was very happy with the shot. There was the usual flurry of activity, trying to get as many variations as possible before the light flattened out, but on this occasion, the initial image that I made was the best one. This image looks amazing printed onto a high gloss metallic paper and is available in our Art print gallery here:
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