I try to eat most days, and I have now photographed two complete cookbooks and worked on a couple more, plus I am working on another one as we speak, so I guess I qualify to have a section of my blog that looks at food of various types

Dried Row Scallops


Every cook book that we make produces at least one recipe that somehow becomes a staple in our house. A recipe that is easy to do and which produces amazing results that never fail to surprise and delight anyone who tastes it. The recipe that has really taken my fancy from our latest book Island Catch, Seafood of Tasmania is one from the Tasmanian Divers Group and is a recipe for Dried Roe Scallops

 A very simple dish that has a beautiful twist. The first thing that you need to do is remove the orange roe from your scallops and dry them out until they are brittle. You can do this in a covered pan over a low heat, in an oven or in a dehydrator. it can take 1-1.5 hours for them to dry, but once dry they can be crushed into a fine sand. This dried roe powder has an incredible intense flavour which really lifts the dish. Once you have dried the roe and crushed it as fine as possible, you add crushed garlic, chilli, basil, olive oil, butter and lemon juice, mix it all together and cook your scallops in it for 6-9 minuets. Garnish with fresh basil and a squeeze of lemon and tuck right in! Ingredients12 scallops, including shellscrushed garlicchilli, finely dicedbasil, finely dicedolive oil2 tbsp of butterjuice of 1 lemon Dried Roe Scallops |serves 4 MethodRemove scallops from shells, clean and separate roes.Place roes in a pan over heat with lid on to dry out roes. This may take approximately 1-1½hrs.When roes have dried, crush as finely as possible.Add crushed garlic, chilli, basil, olive oil, butter and lemon juice and mix together.Add scallops to roe and butter mix and cook for 6-9 minutes.Remove from heat and serve on some of the discarded scallop shells.  We cooked these on an open fire on the rocks after diving for the scallops (we had the dried roe powder pre prepared ) The scallops had been in the water less than an hour ago and the flavour exploded in your mouth. If you like scallops you really should give this a go. This recipe and heaps of other great adventures for your mouth can be found in Island Catch available here https://kuruvita.com.au/index.php/shop/category/21-books 
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Hinton Bay Kitchen


Summer and fresh seafood! What a great time of year this is, and I am always grateful that Tassie doesn’t get so hot and sticky that you don’t feel like a bowl of seafood linguine! People think that I have the best job in the world, crusing about, taking pictures and eating amazing food- it is hard to argue against them, so instead I just say that it is my job to try every recipe in my book so at I can answer any questions that arise!  Hinton Bay Kitchen is set in the grounds of the Hinton Bay Vineyard, with sweeping views across Hillwood and out to the River Tamar at one of its prettiest sections. Hosted by chef and restauranteur Jane Bissett, her natural enthusiasm, and sense of fun sets the tone from the very beginning A cooking course at the Kitchen is a sight to behold! People of all levels of cooking ability getting stuck into making some mouth watering dishes, getting their fingers messy, and wondering why it looks so easy for Jane and why even the simplest things like wrapping some smoked  salmon around a piece of goats cheese can produce such varying results! Having a wine tasting in the middle of the cooking session does nothing to aid your dexterity, but adds so much to the fun of the event, and when it is all done, sitting down to a feast that you helped produce is a great way to celebrate life, friends and loved ones.  When I was producing my book Island Catch Seafood of Tasmania , it quickly because apparent that restricting Jane to just two recipes was not going to be possible!I wanted to try everything ! I mean a smoked salmon and avocado salsa stack sounds too good to pass up, and an  Ocean Trout Carpaccio that has “ Gin of your choice” as the second ingredient?  who’s going to leave that out?? The recipes in the book are all tried and tested and are designed to be attempted by people who may not normally cook, but who have participated in a wine tasting - you get the drift, you can do this, and you will impress your friends when they come around for dinner. get a group of friend together and book cooking class, you will be so glad you did!
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Cheese Fondue


Chatting to Rachel at My Gym this morning, and for the second time in as many weeks, I found myself in a conversation about cheese fondue!That oh so sophisticated dinner variation that took the 1970’s and 80’s by storm and then all but died out except for some isolated pockets of gastronomy.Of course the Swiss have been doing it for ever, it wasn’t a fad for them, so there was no reason for it to go out of fashion (Rachel’s Dad is Swiss)Taking about it with friends the week before, we all agreed that it was a dinner party theme that we had all enjoyed and no one was quite sure why we didn’t do it any more. All that cheesey goodness with crusty bread or boiled potatoes , and don’t forget the wine!It made me remember that when we were making  Tamar Valley Pantry, my first book with John T Bailey, John used a cheese fondue to match with Josef Chromy’s beautiful Sauvignon Blanc, and I remember being impressed with how tasty and fulfilling this simple dish was. I am sure that the very thought of this would bring back many happy memories for those of us who enjoyed them all those years ago, I think I might have to introduce the next generation of my family to the pleasures of a three cheese fondue. I've included the recipe below so you can introduce it to your family too.

John T Bailey's Three Cheese Fondue with Josef Chromy Sauvignon BlancIngredients

50g gruyere cheese, grated225g raclette cheese, grated225g tilsit cheese, grated15g cornflour500g Josef Chromy Sauvignon Blanc3 cloves garlic, whole2 sprigs thyme20g lemon juice5g mustard powderpinch ground cloves + white pepper


In a bowl mix the cheeses with the cornflour.Bring the wine to a simmer over med- high heat. Remove from the stove.Add thyme and garlic cloves. Infuse for 10 minutes then strain and allow to cool.Bring the wine and lemon juice to the boil and add the cheese mix a handful at a time, whisking continuously until smooth and creamy.Add the mustard, pepper and cloves. Stir until the mixture thickens.Transfer into a fondue pot and serve with cornichons, bread and crudités of your choice.

You can get your copy of Tamar Valley Pantry, as well as a wide range of other cookbooks from our store by clicking here

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Advance copy has arrived

Advance copy has arrived

Finally got a copy  and it looks beautiful!

Cradle Coast Pantry, the new book by Phil Kuruvita and John T Bailey is on it's way to

Tasmania, and is due in bookshops around the 16th October. Following on from the success of Tamar Valley Pantry which was published last year, this book looks at the amazing array of fine food producers that produce quality food in Tasmania's North West. Mouth watering recipes from one of Tasmania's most respected chefs John T Bailey and beautiful images by Tasmania's only Grand Master of Photography Philip Kuruvita means that this book will appeal to many different people. For the foodie in your life, for family and friends that live away from Tassie and as the perfect coffee table/kitchen book in your own home.


Order via our website now and receive free postage  anywhere within Australia when the books arrive in a couple of weeks This offer will only be up until we get stocks after that you will have to pick up or pay postage

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It's in the hands of the printers!

It's in the hands of the printers!



All the work is now done and we are pleased to say that our new book, Cradle Coast Pantry, is with the printers and on schedule for delivery in mid November - just in time for Christmas.

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Cooked on the coals



Cooked on the coals and eaten with our fingers washed down with a couple of ice cold gin and tonics :-)

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