Then & Now Portraits


I first photographed Liz for a brochure for Rochcombe wines about 30 years ago and then again for a pre-wedding portrait back when we didn’t mind putting a red matt on a black and white photo! I also photographed her wedding, and it was so nice to see her album looked just as good as it did so many years ago. When we advertised about our Then and Now project Liz got in contact and we did a new shoot not that long ago. In the intervening decades between shoots, Liz has become a very fine taxidermist and it was so great to make a portrait of her amongst some of her handy work. It's not until you get up close to some of these antelope that you realise just how big they really are! and I can’t stop thinking about how I can incorporate a  full size warthog into picture somehow.

Then and Now has been such a great project for me, getting to reconnect with clients from  throughout the 30 odd years that we have been running our studio in Launceston. The aim is to make a book with pictures, both old and new and I would love to hear from any past clients who would like to get involved. It doesn’t cost anything, we will even give you a $100 studio credit in case you would like to purchase images from the new shoot, but only if you want to.
Photographs in your home
Couples Portraits in City Park