Corporate Headshots

Your corporate headshot is how the rest of the business world will first meet you,
and as the old saying goes, you only get one chance at a first impression!

Your image needs to convey in a clear and concise manner all the attributes you want your clients and potential clients to see in you.
Charming, approachable, trustworthy, confident and professional.
In the corporate world, a selfie shot with your iPhone just doesn’t do the job. Save them for your personal Facebook page and treat your corporate image with consideration and respect. There is still plenty of room to show your character, and the spark in your eyes while still adhering to a very high level of professionalism and sophistication.


Single outfit/background shot in our studio - $150 per person plus $35 per final file ordered
$75 for each additional outfit or background (so 2 outfits on 2 different backgrounds = $150 + $75+ $75+ $35 per final file).

If you have multiple staff that you would like photographed, and we can organise a schedule to photograph them on the same day and can offer good savings to the overall cost. Feel free to contact us with your specific details, and we would be happy to tailor make a shoot for you and your staff.

Having your pictures taken should not be a traumatic experience. We will have fun, chat about all sorts of things and end up with some great images that show you to be a confident, reliable and approachable person that your clients or future employers would be happy to have around.