Photography Workshops

Want to improve your photography?

This is your chance to be mentored by a Grand Master of Photography


We can talk about portrait, wedding or landscape photography - the subject matter and outcomes of our workshops are totally flexible and designed to address your questions about photography - whatever they may be.

Perhaps you just want some help to get the best out of the equipment that you have, or you want to be challenged to take your photography to the next level of personal expression, perhaps you are new to the world of professional photography and want some help with photographing a wedding or family portrait, then this is ideal for you. There is no one else to worry about,
so my full attention will be on you for the whole period, and we can set some very achievable goals
to progress your photography in any direction that you want to take it.

Photographic Workshops

Master Your Camera 1.5hr Workshop

This is an in-studio session which aims to give you a basic understanding of your camera and help you to get the best out of the equipment that you have.


Masterclass workshops can be wholly classroom based or wholly outdoor location based or a mix of the two - it is your choice!!
You can choose the Mentoring Masterclass if you have a wide range of questions or one of 5 location Masterclasses which focus on a particular subject or scenic location in the Launceston area.

Mentoring Masterclass

The subject matter and outcomes of this workshop are totally flexible and designed to address your questions whatever they may be.

Twilight Masterclass

Learn to balance the natural light as the sun sets with the ambient light of the buildings and the city to produce images that really stand out.

Lilydale Falls Masterclass

Learn about and practice long exposure techniques as well as macro photography.

Tassie Wildlife Masterclass

Photograph Tasmanian Devils, Spotted Quolls, Wombats and a whole range of native animals.

Cataract Gorge Masterclass

Cataract Gorge Reserve, or ”The Gorge” as the locals call it, is a unique natural formation within a two-minute drive of central Launceston - a rare natural phenomenon in any city.

Duck Reach Masterclass

The old hydro electric power station at Duck Reach offers a variety of photographic opportunities within minutes of the city.


This is your chance to have an extended mentoring session with Philip Kuruvita - Tasmania’s only Grand Master of Photography and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography.


This extended session allows us time for more in-depth tuition while exploring some of northern Tasmania’s iconic locations.


Our guided photography excursions are designed as multiple day/stay overnight on location so that we can take advantage of the wonderful twilight that Tasmania offers at sunrise and sunset. We are able to tailor these excursions to suit your choice of location and the amount of time you have spend. Our aim is to put you in the best possible location at the best time of the day to take advantage of the spectacular light that Tasmania is known for.

Cradle Mountain

Early morning light on the iconic Cradle Mountain, crisp reflections in the tannin waters of Dove Lake, the hidden splendour of Crater Falls, and the quiet beauty of the Ballroom Forest.


Highlights include the beautiful Blue Stone Bay beach at dawn, accessible only by 4 wheel drive, the smooth blue stones are a photographers dream come true.

Bay of Fires

Rugged coastline, lichen covered rocks, white sand and crystal clear water all come together to offer photographic opportunites wherever you look.

Heritage Highway

Iconic tree lines, old coach houses, convict ruins and heritage listed buildings, bridges and whole towns means that there is heaps to photograph.